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"African Waters" (CD#1)

Madagascar -- download audio file Madagascar.mp3

The frustrations of a mismanaged trip to Africa boom out in Madagascar.  Zanzibar was more fun.  

"Cities" (CD#1)

San Diego
Sao Paulo -- Play audio file (Performance by Humberto Almeida) 


"Four Piano Pieces" (CD#1)

Trihedral Waltz. -- Download musical score: Trihedral.pdf Play audio file :    (Performance by Kary Kramer)  Download audio file:  Trihedral Waltz.
Serious Song
Glasgow Blues
Neapolitan Rag -- Download musical score Neapolitan.pdf


"Serious Song" is my try at being Vaughn Williams

"Neapolitan" refers to the chord a major third below the tonic

"The Guns of August"   homage to Barbara Tuchman  
"Save Me, Phoenix"   depressed in the Phoenix airport