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  "The Affair with Julia." (CD#1) (for mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano)

Middle --  Play audio file (Performance: Celeste Travera, mezzo-soprano; Valerie Malvinni, viola; Egle Januleviciute, piano) 
End --  Play audio file


Jane wants to know who this Julia is.





  "Lovely Eyes" (for mezzo-soprano and piano) text by Heinrich Heine
  "A Red, Red Rose" (for voice and piano) the Robert Burns staple
  "Santa Barbara"  (for voice and piano) a patriotic tribute to my town
  "They Flee from Me"  (for mezzo-soprano and piano)  Lyrics by my ancestor Sir Thomas Wyatt, a noted poet of the court of Henry VIII
  "Three Sapphic Songs"  (for mezzo-soprano and piano)  
  Three Songs" (for mezzo-soprano and piano)

Aubade (CD#1)  -- Play audio file (Performance: Tihana Herceg, mezzo-   soprano; Egle Januleviciute, piano)
Spring Dawn
Song of Solomon


"Aubade" was my first composition, written on a dare from my teacher, Matt Harre.